5 years of Internet service in England, this service is expected to start in India in the beginning of 2020B

5 years of Internet service in England, this service is expected to start in India in the beginning of 2020By

At the beginning of April, 5G network has been launched in Shanghai’s city of Shanghai and South Korea, and in India, it is expected that this network will start in early 2020. It will be surprised to know that 50 cows kept in a stall in Britain are using the world’s modern technology. It is a matter of great surprise that this is the best way to reduce manpower and increase milk production in the dairy industry.
South Africa’s Apri AP Center has sung such a promise. 56 cowherd devices have been installed on these cows. According to Project Manager Duncan Force, the owners of this device do not have any defects and can also keep an eye on the cows’ health easily. If there is a disease in the cow or if the cow has any strain, it can also be reported to this device. We are investigating 56 internet capabilities, 56 how quickly we can send information faster than the broadband internet connection. This technology can not only make large dairies but also the common stemmed edges. If this experiment is kept burning then all the different owners of the country will be able to see real time in real time due to the fact that all the villages in the country will be covered under it.
Saina 50 is the world’s largest internet internet operator in the internet world. Talking about it in India. It is expected that this service is expected to be made in India by the Rehman Company Is that this service will change the way to use the internet]. See also the effect of self-driving cars and 1 jumps on reality 5G internet will be available however common people It will take some time to use it. Currently it has only been used at commercial level
Lucky is Britain’s cows are eager to use any 5G internet in the world when there is a ladder in Britain where cows use this service. These cows have crayons in their throats, in which 56 devices are found. This quizzes transmit data to the milking robot. When a cow thinks that she is ready to take milk, the machine gets its own and the door opens with the help of the sensor. The cows are identified due to the device and the machine also knows how the cows will stand to give milk as a prize. The cow is given fresh grass right there. When the milk is being dug, the cow is green fodder.
The 5G Internet service launched in Inter dt Shanghai is working on a very fast speed of 5 seconds for the very fast or 1GB file output, and it seems to be the means of downloading movies. The reasons for this in China are that the economy is expected to gain around $ 1 trillion. Even after the service started in our country, expectations of the economy would be acceleratin.


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