How dangerous is radiation from your smartphone

How dangerous is radiation from your smartphone

New Delhi (Tech Desk) Most users using mobile phones may be aware of SAR (radiation), but rarely when a user buys a smartphone or mobile phone, one user may check it. But before buying a smartphone or a mobile phone, you should buy a smartphone only by checking SAR (radiation) level, after cell service and re-cell value. It is believed that the user does not know much about the level of SAR (radiation). If you do not even know about SAR (radiation) level then today we are going to tell you everything related to SAR (radiation).

SAR (Radiation) value or scale is the scale of any smartphone or mobile phone that measures the radio frequency of your device. This radio frequency has adverse effects on your health. A limit of this radio frequency has been set which can catch your body or human body. This limit has been decided separately for people of every country. In India, this limit has been fixed at 1.6 W / Kg (Wt per kilogram). If your smartphone or mobile phone's SAR value is higher than this then it can be dangerous for you. You can follow the steps given below to check this SAR value.

First method

If you are buying a smartphone then you will find the SAR value written on the top of the smartphone or mobile phone box. Many manufacturers also offer SAR values ​​in the user manual. You can see this value there. But as much as what is written, SAR value is also in your device? To check this, you can find out through the easy steps given below.

Second way

In this way you have to dial a USSD code from your smartphone or mobile phone. First of all, you have to turn on your smartphone or device. After this you will have to press the calling button by dialing * # 07 # in the dialer. After this, you will find the SAR value of the device on your screen. You see this value by matching the value given on the Box or User Manual. If this value is correct and is less than fixed value then you do not need to panic.


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