Forget the turn phone, the stretching phone is coming.

Forget the turn phone, the stretching phone is coming.

In the meanwhile, South Korea's LG company LG has decided to do something different from this. The company has said that it is working on a phone with a unique design, not a foldable phone. It is said that this phone will be straßble (flexible).

LG has filed a patent that indicates that the company is thinking of launching a smartphone which can be stretched across all directions. In the filed patent, the company has explained in detail how the display of this smartphone can be expanded and reduced in more than one direction. In a way, this phone has to stretch the stretch, which will increase the size of the phone's screen.

It is worth noting that Samsung recently launched its folded phone Galaxy Fold. After this Huaweo also launched the folded Mate X. According to the latest reports, if the Galaxy Folds gets good response, then the company can launch 2 more new phones.


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