VIDEO: This restaurant in Hyderabad is full of throats and serves robots.

VIDEO: This restaurant in Hyderabad is full of throats and serves robots.

New Delhi: Robots are being made fast all over the world. These robots who have simplified human work have knocked them from factories to homes and restaurants. Something similar is happening in Hyderabad too. A special restaurant has been opened here. The specialty of this restaurant is that people are working as a robot waiter for serving food. In this restaurant named Robo Kuchen, beauty saluting robots thrive in the neck and serve the people on their table.

This restaurant named Robo Kichen in Hyderabad has 4 robots at the present time. They have been specially computerized, so that they do not mess up while serving this food. They have to charge electricity for up to 3 hours. After this, beauty servicing robots do their work all day.

For men coming to the restaurant, the menu is also kept special. According to Manikant, Robbo Cachean's main partner, a tablet is provided to every customer who comes to the restaurant. Customers order their favorite dishes through the tablet After this the order reaches directly to the Chef present in Keychain. According to the order, the chef gives food to these robots.

Beauty servicing robots have been designed and programmed that they take a food plate from the chef and reach the same table from which the order has come from. According to Manikant, he has such a restaurant in Chennai. Customers coming to the restaurant have given a very good response to this service.


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