SBI customers can be thieved by thieving in this new way, the account may be empty

SBI customers can be thieved by thieving in this new way, the account may be empty

In the last one year, incidents of banking fraud have increased significantly and the reason is that people are not being cautious in Internet banking or UPI payment. Now to curb banking fraud, State Bank of India (SBI) has issued a warning to its customers and said that in a new way the thieves can make money from your account. So be careful. Come know how to smile people

SBI has given information to its customers, saying that if you use internet banking, you need to be cautious of phishing attacks. Explain that the personal information of the customer through phishing attack is stolen with the help of internet.

The bank has said that if you have any kind of e-mail or message coming in the name of SBI, do not click on it or click on the link provided with the message or mail. In fact, e-mails of the phishing are similar to the real e-mail of the bank and their identities are with links coming together.

Clicking on these links opens a fake website which asks for information related to your bank and you think that you are giving your information only on the real website and here you are cheating.

To avoid this phishing attack, it is better for you not to open any e-mail or message from the bank's name, because no bank does not mail or mail anything else. Messages and mail come only when there is a transaction from your account.


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