Learn from Lord Sri Krishna's Life

Learn from Lord Sri Krishna's Life

In the Gita, the essence of life is described in very detail. The Gita has been considered as a form of Lord Shri Krishna. Sources are described in the Gita to make man's life successful. To achieve success in life, it can be learned by studying all the things related to Lord Shri Krishna's life. Let us know some important things related to Lord Krishna's life ...

1. First mantra

By the way, Lord Krishna was very naughty in childhood. On the contrary, his nature always remained calm. Krishna Ji was the incarnation of Lord Vishnu and he also knew that Kansa Mama wanted to kill him repeatedly, he still kept quiet and broke the mouth of every breath of the arc at the time when it came. This teaches us not to abandon our peace of mind even in difficult times.

2. Second mantra-living a simple life

Lord Shri Krishna always believed in living a simple life. Despite being presumed in Gokul's royal house, he lived, played and roamed with other ordinary children. He never had the pride of his princely state.

3. Third mantra- Never give up
At any time, his mind did not panic when bad times came. He used to compete against the opposite conditions. It was supposed to work conscientiously in bad times. Lord Krishna never gave a message to lose hope We should keep trying for the end, even if the results are not in our favor.

4. Fourth mantra
Who does not know the friendship of Krishna and Sudama? This friendship is not only because of the love of both, but also because of respect for each other. But in today's world no one knows the true meaning of friendship. Sri Krishna always supported his friend Sudama and Arjun.

5. Always respect the fifth mantra
Krishna was given birth by Devaki, but he was raised in Yokoda and King Nand in Gokul. Knowing that their own parents are far away from them. Krishna loved them with heart. They did not leave any respect in respect and respect.


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